Power Cord

Power Cords are the electrical cables, which can temporarily link the appliance to the mains electricity supply. These are electrical component suited for connecting the appliances to a power supply or electrical utility. These are made from the insulated electrical cables and function well with the help of electrical receptacle, extension cord and wall outlet. Power Cords supplied by Remtek Wire & Cables, are required to keep the place tidy and enable effective utilization of multiple devices. They can work well in all weather. Many electrical applications are possible because of these cords.
Product Image (PPC-04)

3 Pin Power Cord

Price: 10 INR/Piece

The 3-pin power cord is utilized in appliances such as mixers grinders, power extension cords, and more.

Product Image (PC-03)

2 Pin Power Cord

Price: 8 INR/Roll

Two-pin power cords are utilized in devices such as the Numilizer, mixer grinder, aquarium, power extension, and more for the purpose of electricity supply.


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