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Customers, Our Priority

Heat, weather and shock resistance are the key features of our products such as Multi Pin Charging Cable, 
Laptop Power Cord, 2 Pin Power Cord, etc. We have the specific wire to meet specific requirements. We are always here to cater to our clients needs and give them a detailed explanation of our products before they purchase wires so that they get the right fit for their application. As a wire and cable manufacturer, supplier and trader, we stock tinned copper and all types of hook up wire in our inventory.

Customers can get these with or without insulation, depending on their needs. We help in buying the correct wiring as per the application, so that they can get their wire upgraded with the right type of insulation or other improvements, depending on where they will be using it.

Insulation Insights

The company incorporate different insulation techniques like voltage options, stranding options, and conductor options that change the usability and functionality of a particular wire.

  • Stranding options render flexibility to the wire, making these apt to be used in wire harnesses and electronic applications.
  • Voltage options render heavy insulation thickness on the copper wire.
  • Some conductor options create tinned copper, bare copper, silver plated copper, nickel plated copper and aluminum wire. These are thin wires to be used indoors, outdoors and in conduit.

Our Key Support

Some of factors which enabled us to survive in this competitive world at the same time, stay ahead from the contemporaries are mentioned below:

  • Holding immense experience and knowledge
  • Backed with proficient employees
  • Fulfilling customers demand across the nation
  • Having wide spread distribution network
  • Ensuring timely delivery of products

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